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Employee Engagement and Research


Voxter is a new online tool for idea generation, engagement and decision-making. It has great potential for enfranchising your people, driving employee engagement, improving communications organisation-wide, and getting richer insights that can help your business.



large scale large scale discussion

anonymous anonymised interactions

incentivisation incentivisation opportunities

speech qual / quant insights


What is Voxter

Voxter is designed to enable large-scale communication and decision-making online. It combines elements of social media, surveys and gaming, and includes various moderation, facilitation, and incentivisation options.

Why use Voxter

  • Engagement and participation:
    Active and dynamic new way to consult your employees.
  • Improve communications:
    Lateral, up-down, and down-up communication in your organisation.
  • Combined qual and quant data:
    Get actionable insights with the narratives behind the numbers.

What to use Voxter for

  • more engaging employee engagement surveys
  • regular small-scale pulse surveys
  • single-issue consultations
  • leadership-level discussions
  • reward and recognition
  • change management

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