Voxter's new textual analysis features vs. sentiment analysis.


23 May 2016

New Textual Analysis Tools


Voxter’s textual analysis features vs. sentiment analysis

Voxter is an online discussion and survey tool that already provides many ways of filtering conversations, giving quantitative results to help interpret your richer qualitative data.

As a hybrid qual-quant research tool, we can see what people say, or what they like, based on their responses to questions, or pre-loaded demographic data. We also have data on who liked what, and how much. This provides a rich and robust alternative to manual or automated sentiment analysis.

Example from our Brexit survey

I like to elect my representatives

Written by 70 year old white male, UKIP voter from South of England

Group perception of this statement on 21-point scale:

21-point graph showing great approval for this statement

  • 94 of 102 people agreed with this
  • This was the most popular of 796 statements written in the survey.
  • More popular with women than men
  • Popular with both leavers and remainers
  • Was highly engaging with readers (few people skipped)
  • Was one of the least controversial or polarising statements


And there's more

We have just added powerful two new features to our analytics package, to improve the ability to group, theme and explore data:

Interactive Word Tree

From any defined results set, an interactive word tree can be generated. Words and their relations can be explored by clicking, and the tree can be configured in three different ways. This gives the researcher another powerful tool for qualitative analysis, and options for attractive and useful data visualisation.

Interactive word tree

Enhanced Text Search

You can now search by text string, to isolate statements that mention particular themes, words or word roots.

More than this, multiple text strings can be searched, with a choice of AND / OR logic. So, some simple examples:

Related words: Search for ‘people’ OR ‘person’

Making connections: Search for all statements that mention ‘crisps’ AND ‘tasty’.

These searches can be combined into very powerful queries, for example from our recent survey on Brexit:

Search for all statements that mention ‘border’ or ‘security’ that were written by women who were undecided about how they would vote, and then rank them by how much Conservative voters liked them.

This provides an incredibly quick and powerful way to retrieve, organise and rank different themes in your conversation.

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