VOXTER - 5 Dos and Don'ts for using Britishness to increase sales

Voxter British Retail White Paper - 8 November 2016

5 Dos and Don'ts for using Britishness to increase sales


5 Dos and Don’ts for using Britishness to increase sales in 2017

People want to buy British!

There is overwhelming support among the UK public for buying British. We used Voxter to talk with 600 consumers from all over the UK about buying British.*

38% of people already plan to buy more British goods in 2017 - irrespective of any retail or political campaigns - and a huge 87% of people were in favour of official British labelling on goods.

Not only did we find a strong desire for buying British, what surprised us is that among people who did not have a strong opinion about buying British there is a collective positive shift towards the idea once they start being exposed to arguments about it. This means that there is strong potential for Buying British campaigns to have an impact on consumption habits.

Changes of opinion towards Yes, Buying more British in 2017
(21% of those who started without a strong opinion ended up planning to buy more British)

Changes of opinion towards Buying British

This means that people are receptive to campaigns that stress the Britishness of the product.


5 Dos and the Don’ts of Buying British retail campaigns

So you are thinking of using your Britishness to boost sales? But what is the best way to go about it? What are the dos and don’ts of British campaigns?

Here are some insights from our results to help you out:


1. Be clear in what way you are British, even if you are not completely British…

We found that there is a wide consensus on the confusion behind what is British and what is not. There is also a consensus that we should support companies that support the British economy. Consumers are looking for a clear message as to how your product supports the British economy.

In this day and age British is not always best sometimes we are led to believe it's British but is actually made abroad

hard to buy British as company now owning it is foreign and we don't realise - take Cadburys (and I am sure it is no longer as nice chocolate)

totally agree with this, the initial product may have been abroad and only the finished products or packaged product is in the UK


2. Use Britishness as a synonym for quality

We found that people believe that British means quality. Reinforcing that point for consumers will have a strong influence on them choosing your product.

British goods are often great quality so why not buy?

Definitely, if imports become too expensive. One guarantee is that you know if buying British you are getting quality.


3. Being British is not enough, show that you also have value!

While people think of British as quality there is a widespread concern about Value for money. For many in our survey, Britishness seals the deal but only when the Price/value is comparable.

I agree that buying British is good if the quality is good

If the product is good and fairly priced it will sell

It is about best value. If British companies and workers can't produce something at a value which the consumer is willing to pay, then they will fail.


4. Avoid politics!

Among the statements that receive the most polarised responses are those that allude to the political background of any current buying British campaign. Try to avoid pitching things with a political slant, remember to always express things in a positive way.

It’s so hard to tell what makes a product British, how about having “UKIP approved” labels on products?


5. Avoid the British workforce controversy

While it is good to stress in what way you are British, we found that stressing the Britishness of your workforce is more controversial. Statements along these lines were very polarising.

I would rather support English goods than British!

British people should be prioritised for jobs

It's up to each business who they employ. Nobody should have a quota.


Retailers, producers and politicians should take note.

The time is right to support Buying British!

*Survey conducted 21-22 October with 606 UK adults using the innovative new platform Voxter, www.voxter.co.uk.


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