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What the public thinks about Brexit and migration: 4 new insights

British Future commissioned Voxter to explore the public’s views on migration, specifically the status of existing EU migrants in Britain and Britons living in the EU. Our research was used in a recent open letter published in the Financial Times, and Daily Mail.

We would like to share some of the results:

We ran a Voxter online forum on 30/31 March with 1018 Nat Rep UK participants. Our platform involves sharing ideas and opinions anonymously, rating each other’s views and answering traditional survey questions.

We are now analysing the results but we already have some interesting preliminary findings about the public’s views on migration and a possible Brexit.

The status of current EU migrants in the UK and UK citizens living abroad in the EU

Insight 1: People think that the government should be clear about this:

Do you think the government should clarify, BEFORE the referendum is held, what would happen to current EU migrants in Britain and Britons living in the EU if Britain votes to Leave?

Participants said:

"The Government should make their plans clear."

"What we all need is a clear balanced and unbiased explanation based on facts of what it all will mean if we are in or out."


Insight 2: A large portion of the population thinks they should be treated according to the current arrangements if Britain were to leave the EU

If Britain votes to Leave, current EU migrants in Britain and Britons living in the EU should be allowed to stay, and new immigration rules would apply only to new immigrants

Participants said:

"They are here now so let them stay but have strict AND enforced guidelines for new immigrants."


What do people think about the informational content of the campaigns?

Insight 3: A majority do not trust any of the information put forwards by both campaigns. This is even worse for the undecided with over 70% of them not trusting anything they see.

Participants said:

"How can we trust the information either side put forward. It's biased and exaggerated. No one knows the future."


Changes of opinion

Voxter allows us also to follow how people's opinions change through the course of discussing the EU and the future of the UK. Once again we find:

Insight 4: Discussing a possible post-Brexit Britain makes people change away from voting to Remain.

The thicker lines signify larger groups of people changing opinion. The two thick purple lines show a swing away from Remain over the course of our survey.

Stay tuned in over the next week, when we will reveal more insights from this important research.


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