Voxter's new features reveal micro-conversations



Voxter Advanced Automation and Segmentation


Voxter’s new features reveal micro-conversations

Voxter was designed to enable large diverse groups of people to discuss topics, share opinions, and reach collective consensus. The research value of our methodology is that you can observe how opinions are rated, what arguments different groups use, and how they are received.

From the beginning Voxter’s inbuilt analytics allowed us to see what different groups of people say, for example managers in a group of employees, or age groups or genders in a public sample.

Now new features allow our software to see how arguments and opinions have been received by a specific group as well. This means we can observe what employees think of their managers’ opinions, or what women think or what men say, for example. Furthermore, we can now offer more granular selection of these groups than ever before.

Here’s how it works:

Large groups trade opinions anonymously. The software moderates the discussion to ensure a balance of opinion, flow throughout the group, and that everyone has a voice.

Large scale conversation between diverse group of people

Our new automated analysis can isolate groups, to see BOTH what a particular group says, AND how well it is received by another specific group

Interactions between specific sub-groups

The possibilities are endless, and gain greater statistical validity and legitimacy the larger the conversation, which is one of Voxter’s strengths. Unlike other online qualitative tools, Voxter is designed for large groups - we recently had over 1,000 participants trading ideas in one survey.

Further developments include the ability to generate word clouds directly in software. The below is generated from the views of those intending to vote to leave the EU in the recent survey we did for British Future.

Word Cloud of opinions of those intending to vote to leave the EU


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