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The TPP Voxter consultation process was great. We were able to gather much more feedback from members compared to our previous, more traditional ways of asking for participation. Also, from setup and design to data analysis and reporting, the Voxter team were with us every step of the way, lending us both support and neutrality — both important in our volunteer-run group.

Neerja Vashishta, Chair, TPP



timescale 256 people

timescale 1 country

timescale 2 weeks


The Client
Tufnell Park Parents Support Group (TPP), with over 1,200 member families.

The Project
TPP wanted to find out what direction its members thought it should go in. The Group wanted to ask what were the important issues across several different areas - the services it should provide, the events it should hold, the values it should promote, the extent of its online presence, the extent of geographical diversity it should cater to, and so on. Also used: to motivate participation a prize draw was held amongst participants.

The Results
256 people participated. Voxter unveiled many insights about where the organisation should go. The discussion showed a strong consensus about the value of TTP to life in the community. At the same time an important theme that was brought up was the tension in the community as the organisation gets large. Another valuable thread in the discussion was the different views about increased online presence.


Get your people talking and involved.

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