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We wanted to dig into the multiple perspectives behind our basic survey statistics. Voxter provided a multi-faceted lens enabling significantly improved clarity around complex topics. We learned far more richly from the conversations that happened through the game than we ever did through individual survey.

Annette Rizzo, Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Officer



timescale 400 people

timescale 2 countries

timescale 2 weeks


The Client
Sierra Club, one of the oldest, largest, and most influential grassroots environmental organizations in the United States with over 2 million members.

The Project
For 120 years Sierra Club has had a major role in wilderness protection in North America. They wanted to test new major new policy and advocacy directions, such as climate change and economic justice, and also ask their members how best to grow the organisation in the modern highly digital social age.

It was time for a large-scale consultation, but Sierra Club wanted a process where members could actively contribute their opinions and ideas, and be engaged in a democratic decision-making process. The results should both reach a mandate for future policy action, and give a broad canvas of collective and individual insight.

The Results
Over 400 regional leaders from across the USA and Canada participated in two Voxter games, one about policy and one about movement building. The results gave a clear policy mandate to lobby about climate change and economic justice, along with many arguments in favour, and intelligent rebuttals of arguments against, which gave a very nuanced picture of the hopes and concerns of members.

For the question of movement building, many ideas were raised that contributed to Sierra Club's campaigns for the future. Furthermore, the findings were legitimised through the participatory and collaborative nature of the consultation. Since the research Sierra Club have had a major communications campaign reflecting our findings including a new website.


Anonymous interactions make for better decision making.

Voxter is designed by experts in group dynamics.


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