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Case Study

Large online focus group


We used the Voxter platform because we wanted to get out of the "yet another survey" mode, and collect richer and more qualitative data. It was a very interesting process that indeed brought a lot of essential contextual information that shed more light on the choices that our user group had made in a parallel survey.

Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Officer



timescale 600 people

timescale 100 countries

timescale 2 weeks


The Client
A major international humanitarian organisation, with a presence in nearly every country in the world.

The Project
This organisation wanted to discuss the future of their online training with the people who currently used it. The users were very widely dispersed geographically, and had vastly different needs and experiences. There were two main directions for future online resources, and it was necessary to find out which aspects of each would be most valued by users.

The Results
600 people from over 100 countries participated in Voxter, and a parallel survey was also undertaken. The results from Voxter gave a nuanced perspective on the question, that showed how opinions varied along institutional, geographical, and individual lines. This brought up many ideas for developing a more sophisticated hybrid training system.


Need to get everyone involved?

Voxter moderates and facilitates the discussion.


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