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Engagement. Insight. Action.

Online large-scale interactive research
for better decision making.

Great qualitative insights backed by rich quantitative data
The dynamism of social media but in a controlled environment
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What is Voxter?

Thinking of doing another survey? Now imagine all your people in one big focus group.

Voxter is an easy to use, engaging platform for discussion, idea generation and decision-making. It gives you the narratives behind the numbers and the numbers to back the narratives.

Use Voxter for:

What is Voxter used for?
  • Market research
  • Brainstorming
  • Crowd sourcing
  • Opinion polling
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Brand engagement
  • Product testing
  • Employee engagement
  • Surveys
  • Change management
  • Instant online communities

How does Voxter work?

Flexible design

Design phase
Whether you want to crowdsource ideas, conduct an interactive survey, or involve your people in the big decisions, Voxter is highly configurable to meet your goals. We will work with you to design the research that best meets your objectives.

3D Communication

Research phase
Participants trade ideas and answer questions, in an engaging and fun way that's designed to maximise insight. Voxter involves up-down, down-up and lateral communication.

Survey Results

Analysis and reporting
Controlled big data - Voxter generates a rich set of results that our experts sift through to balance qualitative and quantitative insights. We can analyse deeper if you need more.

Case Studies

Voxter results

Interactive survey

120 stakeholders from 50 countries come together to evaluate an organisation's effectiveness and impact.

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Engaging Consultation

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Large online focus group

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Public Opinion

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Find out more about Voxter for employee research, and Voxter for non-profit organisations

If you are a Market Research or Social Research agency, read more.

Meet the founders

Ronny Razin

Ronny Razin


Ronny is a professor of Economics (Princeton PhD) at the London School of Economics. Ronny's research focuses on models of group deliberation and decision making and informed the idea and design for Voxter. Ronny brings to the team the scientific underpinning of the platform, and data analysis and reporting.

Piers Aitman

Piers Aitman


Piers has 20 years’ expertise and experience in the design industry, from managing projects, to design for printand digital media, to front end and back end coding. Piers supervises the software team, and is the lead project manager.

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